The Reason Why Actor Ham Sung Min Wasn’t Able To Promote “All of Us Are Dead” Along With The Other Cast

Actor Ham Sung Min, who appeared on Netflix‘s “All of Us Are Dead“, reported his recent military service.

Recently, Ham Sung Min posted a short post and a photo through his Instagram.

Ham Sung Min said in a hurry, “I’m currently serving in the military“. He also added the word “that special soldier” to create a sense of humor.

Ham Sung Min then said, “I want to post pictures and other things, but I don’t think I can“.

Ham Sung Min also announced that his discharge will be in early November.

In the meantime, Ham Sung Min raised his voice, saying, “Let’s all cheer up together“, drawing people’s attention.

In the released photo, you can see Ham Sung Min sitting on the sofa wearing a black hat with his eyes closed and drinking a drink.

In “All of Us Are Dead“, which tells the story of students struggling for survival as the zombie virus spreads to ordinary schools, Ham Sung Min played the role of Kyung Soo, the best friend of Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young).

Ham Sung Min joined the military after filming “All of Us Are Dead“.

Therefore, there are voices of regret that he cannot be seen in various activities related to “All of Us Are Dead“, which gained great popularity.



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