After Unfollowing Song Jia On Instagram, Kim Hyun Joong Hangs Out With Other Cast Members Of ‘Single’s Inferno’

Health trainer and model Kim Hyun Joong reunited with the female casts of the Netflix entertainment series ‘Single’s Inferno‘.

On February 16, Kim Hyun Joong posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption, “ESTJ meeting. It’s good to be with beauties. Second time posting. Minji.”

In the photo, ‘Single’s Inferno‘ female cast members Shin Ji Yeon and Sung Min Ji, and Kim Hyun Joong pose affectionately.

Another male cast, Choi Si Hoon, who saw this, also left a comment saying, “I’m envious.”

Previously, Kim Hyun Joong drew attention as it was known that Song Ji Ah (Free Zia), the final couple in ‘Single’s Inferno‘, was embroiled in a controversy over wearing a fake, and cut off his Instagram following. On the other hand, ‘Single’s Inferno‘ is continuing to communicate with other performers by following them.


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