Actress Lee Yoo Mi Reveals She Auditioned More Than 500 Times Right Before “Squid Game” Exploded In Popularity

Actress Lee Yoo Mi, who played an active part in the Netflix series “Squid Game” and “All of Us Are Dead“, revealed the number of auditions beyond imagination.

On the 28th of last month, an interview video of actress Lee Yoo Mi was released on the ESQUIRE Korea YouTube Channel.

The number of auditions she joined before Lee Yoo Mi hit the jackpot with the Netflix series “Squid Game” last year was especially noticeable in the video.

When the production team asked the total number of auditions, including the movie “Hostage“, Lee Yoo Mi said she could not imagine how many times she had auditioned.

Lee Yoo Mi, who recalled her past saying that she lived really hard, surprised everyone by calmly answering that she seemed to have auditioned about 400-500 times.

Actress Lee Yoo Mi, who debuted in her 14th year this year, made her name known to the public around the world by appearing in Netflix‘s most popular series “Squid Game” last year after various works.

She has established herself as a “mainstream actor” after succeeding in acting as a villain in the recently released Netflix series “All of Us Are Dead“.

It seems that she rose to stardom with one work, but behind the scenes, she was able to succeed because she had the persistence and passion to challenge 500 auditions. 

Many fans cheered and applauded Lee Yoo Mi, saying, “I hope she will be more successful in the future.”

On the other hand, in the video, Lee Yoo Mi is looking back at her old works, correcting mistakes by looking at her information posted on Namoo Wiki



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