Korean Idols Who Will Turn 20 In 2022

The year of the Black Tiger has begun in the year of Im In-yeon (壬寅年) in 2022. Stars born in 2003, who will turn 20 this year, are catching the attention of fans with their unusually unrealistic looks.

Stars born in 2003, also called ‘World Cup babies‘, debuted at a relatively young age and continued their activities, showing off their perfect visuals. Even before their debut, they were famous among fans for their splendid looks, and even after their debut, they showed off their unrivaled presence and made a mark on the fans.

We looked at the performances of stars born in 2003, who are often said to have grown up well, and those who turn 20 this year in ‘MD Hard Hairy’.

ITZY’s Yuna

Yuna, who has been attracting attention for her perfect beauty since her debut, was born in 2003 and turned 20 this year. Yuna appeared as an MC with SHINee’s Key and Boom at ‘SBS Gayo Daejun‘ last year and showed stable hosting skills,

IVE’s Ahn Yu Jin

Ahn Yu Jin, who was active as a member of IZ*ONE, made a re-debut as a member of the girl group IVE on December 1, last year. IVE took first place on music shows within a week of debut with the title song ‘ELEVEN‘, and was at the center of the topic by selling 150,000 copies along with 5 awards on music shows.

VERIVERY’s Kangmin

Kangmin, who was born in 2003 and turned 20 this year, debuted in January 2019 at the age of 17. Kangmin, who was loved by female fans for her bright smile and visuals that seemed fresh out of a pure cartoon, continues to be active as an MC on music shows and various entertainment shows.

Fromis_9’s Baek Ji Heon

Baek Ji Heon, who debuted as a member of the group Fromis_9 in 2018, became a hot topic when she appeared as a third-year middle school student at that time. Baek Ji Heon, who finished 8th in Mnet’s ‘Idol School‘, an idol survival program, gained popularity with a smile on her innocent visual and was loved by her uncle fans. Baek Ji Heon, who turned 20 in 2003, took first place on music shows with the title song ‘DM’ of Fromis_9 ‘s 4th mini-album ‘Midnight Guest’, which was released on January 17.


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