Squid Game Star Lee Jung Jae Wants To Be A Taxi Driver, Here’s The Reason Why

Actor Lee Jung Jae, who showed a splendid and cool appearance and a clean image in the work.

In tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block‘, which Lee Jung Jae recently appeared on, he said that in reality, he had a difficult childhood unlike his character in the play.

He drew attention by revealing that he lived in a single room that was smaller than Sung Ki Hoon’s house in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game‘.

Many people are interested in Lee Jung Jae‘s reversible past, and the story of his childhood that he told in SBS ‘Healing Camp‘ in 2013 has been re-examined.

Lee Jung Jae confessed that he had no memory of being wealthy at the ‘Healing Camp‘ at the time. He said that he lived well until the first year of elementary school, and after that, it was very difficult financially.

Lee Jung Jae also said that when he went to a friend’s birthday party, he was embarrassed because he didn’t have money to buy a gift.

He couldn’t even buy a new pair of socks, so he surprised his friends by confessing that he rolled it up and hid it because he didn’t want to show his friends the hole.He was also beaten by teachers for failing to pay tuition in middle and high school.

Lee Jung Jae, who was struggling financially, drew attention when he confessed that his dream was to be a taxi driver when he was in elementary school.

As a child, he added that he dreamed of a job where he could continue to earn money watching taxi drivers work every day. As an elementary school student, Lee Jung Jae dreamed of becoming a taxi driver who could make steady money while helping the family. Since then, he has not dreamed big even to this day, and has only small and simple wishes, causing regret.


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