Do you know the age of this actress? You will be really ‘surprised’

Actress Kim Sa Rang shared her daily life.

Kim Sa Rang uploaded a picture on her Instagram on January 22 with the captions”Love View~”.

The published photo shows Kim Sa Rang moving somewhere inside the car. She is staring at the camera while hugging a puppy that appears to be a dog.

Kim Sa Rang, who was born in 1978, turned 45 this year, but she boasted of her youthful appearance enough to believe that she was in her 20s.

Netizens who saw this showed various reactions, such as “What’s your secret to staying healthy“, “You’re so pretty“, “Your dog is cute, but your beauty is no joke“, and “Your appearance is unchanged“.

Kim Sa Rang visited the small screen for the drama ‘Get Revenge’, which ended in 2020. She is currently taking a break and is reviewing her next project.


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