Actor Woo Do Hwan Is GORGEOUS and Masculine In First Pictorial Since Military Discharge

Actor Woo Do Hwan teamed up with Vogue magazine for his first-ever fashion photoshoot after his military discharge

Woo Do Hwan‘s fashion magazine pictorial, who recently resumed his activities, has been released. This pictorial is even more meaningful as it is his first pictorial after his discharge with a deeper look and sexiness.

Woo Do Hwan showed off his visuals by perfectly digesting from the spacious trench coat, the red suit with a strong image, and the bold accessories. In particular, the see-through look, which reveals his sculptural muscular body, and his masculine look harmonize, creating a pictorial that cannot take your eyes off.

Woo Do Hwan, who came to the filming site after not being able to sleep for a long time, showed excitement and tension at the same time, saying, “I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I just couldn’t stop thinking because I felt like I had forgotten how to do interviews or how to speak in front of a camera with the right tone and manner.”

However, Woo Do Hwan quickly immersed himself in the shoot and showed off his charms. During the interview, the actor talked about what it was like being in the army. He recalled, “While I was in the service, I dreamed of the life outside the base, and it made me realize how precious my daily lives were. I feel like I’ve finished a 10-year worth of a task, not an 18-month worth one. Now, I can really focus on building my career.” Woo Do Hwan added that he started writing journals while he was in the army, which helped him broaden his view.

Woo Do Hwan is gearing up for his role in the new Netflix series called Hunting Dogs (literal title). He also noted that he had been working out for two months and that he was reading the script until right before the shooting started. He said, “It’s the most demanding work I’ve ever done. Gun Woo is a former boxer, so he should be in good shape. I am doing everything I can to fit the character description, from managing my diet to working out four times a day. I do boxing, weightlifting, action school work out, and Pilates in one day.”

Woo Do Hwan‘s pictorial can be found in the February 2022 issue of Vogue Korea.



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