Jung Hae In and Jisoo’s ‘Deep Kissing Scene’ Is Getting A Hot Response Even From Those Who Did Not Watch ‘Snowdrop’

SnowdropEun Young Ro (Jisoo) and Im Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) had their first kiss.

In JTBC‘s ‘Snowdrop‘, which was broadcast on January 16th, Eun Young Ro, the daughter of the head of the National Security Agency, and Im Soo Ho, a South Korean operative, confessed their hidden feelings to each other.

Upon learning that he had been betrayed by the party, Im Soo Ho and Lee Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo), the head of the Ministry of Secrecy, went out to prevent the election of the ruling party. 

He decided to send a recording tape of Nam Tae Il (Park Seong Woong) to the broadcaster, which contains the fact that ‘the hostage play itself is a joint operation between the South and the North’ with the idea of ​​Jang Han Na (Jung Yu Jin).

Im Soo Ho, who was looking for a blank tape to copy Nam Tae Il‘s recording, heard a tape containing Eun Young Ro‘s voice, confessing, ‘I fell in love the first time I saw him in Bangting’.

After learning the truth of Eun Young Ro, Im Soo Ho could not hide his excitement and regret. This is because he has a crush on Eun Young Ro, but he threatens him by taking her hostage at the party’s orders.

However, Eun Young Ro comforted Im Soo Ho by making coffee in the attic for Im Soo Ho, who was suffering from the criticism of Joo Gyeok Chan (Kim Min Gyu), saying, “In the beginning, you were a discarded card.”

Eun Young Ro handed Im Soo Ho a cup of coffee, saying, “If you drink it, all the bad memories will be erased. I erased the things I hated and regretted because there was no phone call after Suho left.”

In response, Im Soo Ho looked at Eun Young Ro lovingly and held a hand holding a coffee, creating a strange atmosphere.

He asked Eun Young Ro to forget what he was doing and kissed him. Im Soo Ho, who showed his affection with a kiss, also expressed affection by stroking Eun Young Ro‘s cheek.

After that, he kissed again deeply and conveyed his feelings towards Eun Young Ro, making viewers’ hearts flutter.

The video became a hot topic after the broadcast, and it is getting a hot response even from those who do not watch ‘Snowdrop‘.



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