Netizens Are Amazed To See Kim Da Mi’s Photos Working As A Fitting Model Before Her Debut

Actress Kim Da Mi, who is starring as Kook Yeon Soo in the SBS drama “Our Beloved Summer,” has been unveiled before her debut as an actress, making headlines.

An article titled ‘Dami Kim before her debut as a fitting model ‘ was posted on the online community Formos on the 16th.

Several photos of Kim Da Mi from the time she worked as a fitting model before her debut as an actress were published.

In the photo, Kim Da Mi has a slender height of over 170 cm and a slender body with innocent features and various costumes.

Kim Da Mi, born in 1995, graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at Incheon University and made her debut in the independent film ‘2017 Project with the Same Name‘ in 2017.

In 2018, she emerged as a rising star when she swept the Rookie of the Year award in the same year with the movie ‘The Witch’, which broke through the 1500 to 1 competition and took on the lead actor.

Netizens praised Kim Da Mi‘s appearance, such as “She has a luxurious charm”, “She is beautiful with an atmosphere”, and “She feels like an actress”.



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