T-ara’s Park Ji Yeon Confirmed To Lead Upcoming Zombie Movie “Gangnam”

Group T-ara member and actress Park Ji Yeon announced her next project as the female lead in the movie ‘Gangnam‘.

The movie ‘Gangnam‘, which was cranked on the 10th, is the story of people risking their lives to survive in Gangnam, which became the center of chaos as people with unknown symptoms appeared.

Following ‘Train to Busan‘, ‘Peninsula‘, and Netflix original ‘Kingdom‘, which heated up the world with the ‘K-zombie’ craze, it is a new Korean zombie movie that unfolds centered on Gangnam. ), who is fighting for her life to survive from the zombies, and always takes on the role of ‘Minjeong’, a strong female protagonist who always stands up for injustice more than anyone else.

Park Ji Yeon portrayed various characters in the movie ‘Second Story of Examination: Teacher Practice’, the drama KBS ‘Jungle Fish 2‘, and KBS ‘Dream High 2‘. In the first half of this year, after actively acting in the web drama ‘The Witch Next Door‘ and KBS’ ‘Imitation‘, she recently finished filming as the main character of the movie ‘Hwa-nyeo‘. After being cast as the female lead in the movie ‘Gangnam‘, she is rapidly emerging as a promising screen star.

Meanwhile, Park Ji Yeon said, “I was able to show the action I wanted to do in a work in this work, so I went to action school and prepared hard.”

“I will do my best to act in a movie that everyone can enjoy. Please look forward to it.” She continued


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