Actress Han Seon Hwa Expressed Her Love For ‘Work Later, Drink Now ‘ In Latest Pictorial For AtStyle

Actress Han Seon Hwa expressed her love for ‘Work Later, Drink Now‘.

Han Seon Hwa showed off her goddess beauty by exuding a lovely yet elegant charm in the AtStyle January 2022 pictorial.

Recently, she was evaluated as ‘the rediscovery of Han Seon Hwa’ through the TV drama ‘Work Later, Drink Now‘, and about the modifier ‘pretty stone + child’, she said, “I was glad and grateful that he gave me a cute nickname. I think I heard it.

Han Seon Hwa, along with Jung Eun Ji and Lee Sun Bin, was loved by viewers by realistically portraying the friendship, love, family, and work of women in their 30s. In particular, the production of season 2 of ‘Work Later, Drink Now‘ was confirmed.

Regarding working with her co-actors, Han Seon Hwa said, “Actually, we became a lot close, and even after the work was over, we continued to keep in touch with each other. We got to know each other quickly because our personalities are easy-going.


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