Shin Ye Eun Boasted Her Friendship With Infinite’s L

Actress Shin Ye Eun boasted a close friendship with L, who worked together in romance on KBS2’s ‘Welcome‘.

On December 11, Shin Ye Eun posted a picture through her Instagram story and tagged L (Kim Myung Soo)’s account.

In the published photo, Shin Ye Eun and L are wearing a mask and hat.

The two wore comfortable clothes and sat facing each other, ate meat, and had a happy and enjoyable time.

Shin Ye Eun showed love by adding the caption, “Buying food for my brother who is on vacation. Stay healthy. Have a good day. Be happy.”

The two became romantically involved by playing the male and female protagonists in KBS2’s ‘Welcome‘, which aired last year.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, ‘Welcome‘ depicts the subtle excitement of a cat, Hong Jo (L), who transforms into a man, and a woman, So Ah ( Shin Ye Eun), who is like a dog.

After the end of ‘Welcome‘, L appeared on KBS2’s ‘Royal Secret Agent‘, and on February 22, he enlisted in the Pohang Marine Corps training group in Gyeongbuk, and began his military service.

While serving in the military, he scrambled to the army’s creative musical ‘Meisa’s Song‘ and told fans of his good news.

L is scheduled to be discharged in August 2022.


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