Jo Jung Seok Was Moved To Tears Hearing Ahn Eun Jin’s Thoughts Having Trouble Saying Goodbye To “Hospital Playlist”

Actress Ahn Eun Jin confessed her affection for ‘Hospital Playlist‘.

In the last episode of tvN‘s ‘Three Meals a Day: Doctors‘, which aired on December 3rd, some unrunning episodes that had not been aired until now were revealed.

On the last day, Ahn Eun Jin sat on the bench and told the stories of Jo Jung Seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Yoo Yeon-seok, Kim Dae-myung, and Jeong Moon-seong. She said, “This time, as ‘The Hospital Playlist was over, I felt the heartbreak. Actually, I am so lucky that this moment has come to me”. Ahn Eun Jin‘s eyes were already red as she spoke these words.

Jo Jung Seok, who was quietly listening to him, said, “I’m in tears, all of a sudden.” He continued, “I cried over Eunjin’s story because Eunjin is so unique and cool. It’s so hard to let go of this after meeting ‘Hospital Playlist’, it’s sad to say goodbye to the drama, and I hope you can let it go again. It’s really cool to think about whether I can become a good adult or an actor.”

Ahn Eun Jin asked Jo Jung Seok, a senior actor, “Is it going to get better in the future?” Jo Jung Seok said, “It’s not a good thing from now on, but this ‘Hospital Playlist’ work seems to be particularly special. It’s special to meet a work like this. Because it’s the first time we’ve had this kind of (like parting) experience.”

At his words, Ahn Eun Jin laughed, saying, “I’m better than my brothers. It’s like getting vaccinated early.” Jung Kyung-ho agreed with her and said, “We’re worried,” causing laughter.

It was reported that they did not really leave until after the ‘Three Meals a Day: Doctors‘ staff spent more time together, such as preparing breakfast after all the cameras were removed.

tvN’s ‘Hospital Playlist‘ was produced in seasons 1 and 2 and was loved for a long time. Last September, Season 2 ended with 12 episodes. There are no confirmed details about the possibility of a season 3 production.



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