IU Wins Big At The ‘2021 Melon Music Awards’ Asked Fans “Aren’t you proud of receiving 5 awards?”

Singer IU won 5 trophies at the ‘2021 Melon Music Awards‘ and shuddered at the fans.

On December 4th, the ‘2021 Melon Music Awards‘ (hereinafter referred to as 2021 MMA) was successfully held online.

On this day, IU swept the Top 10 of the Year, Best Solo Female Category, Songwriter, Album of the Year and Artist Award.

IU, who went to the podium to receive the Album of the Year Award, opened up, saying, “I heard that the chance of receiving this award is a bit high, so I changed clothes (after the stage) and waited.

IU said that the award was more meaningful because she listened to all the nominated songs as a good listener.

She said, “The album ‘Lilac‘ is the last album in my 20s. I can be confident that I didn’t really rest for a year until I was 29, and I was busy working hard to make music.”

She continued, “No matter what the results were, there were times when I was afraid and there were times when I wanted to rest, but I wanted to be close to the fans.

“When one of my favorite songs comes out, isn’t the commute to and from work less difficult for a few days?” I thought of the fans.

IU said she really wanted to receive the award, and held the award tightly in her arms again, and expressed her gratitude to the staff who worked hard together.

She added, “Next year, I will show you a cool 30-something, not too different, but fresh.”

After that, IU came back on stage to receive the Artist of the Year Award.

IU said, “This year’s artist award is another heavy award. All the artists worked hard, but I received it alone. I am grateful to other artists and I will work hard with this energy with the weight of this award.”

Finally, She made contact with the fan club ‘Uena‘ and confessed, “My heart is broken and I have a strange feeling. I miss you a lot.”

IU also showed a cute side, suddenly flirting with fans, saying, “Aren’t you proud of receiving 5 awards?”

She touched the fans by saying, “My celebrity is Uena. I love you.” 




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