‘Squid Game’ Actress Lee Yoo Mi In Talks For New Drama ‘Mental Coach Je Gal Gil’

Actress Lee Yoo Mi will become the female lead in ‘Mental Coach Je Gal Gil‘.

As a result of checking News 1 on November 25th, Lee Yoo Mi was recently selected as the female lead in the new drama ‘Mental Coach Je Gal Gil‘ (writer by Kim Bandi / directed by Son Jeong Hyun / produced by Bone Factory).

Mental Coach Je Gal Gil‘ is a mental coach from the national team who quit sports after an accident, helps players who are in a slump with retired former experts, and fights against the absurd world of winner-take-all. A real mental shooter’ sports drama.

It is expected to raise sympathy with an episode that overcomes the slump that comes to anyone, and bring a refreshing laugh through the character play of retired former masters.

Lee Yoo Mi takes on the role of Cha Ga Eul, a former world short track medalist who is in a slump. Even though she is called the Ice Princess on the ice, she falls into a slump and faces a crisis.

Lee Yoo Mi is taking the lead role in a drama for the first time through ‘Mental Coach Je Gal Gil‘. Lee Yoo Mi appeared in the movies ‘Park Hwa Young‘ and ‘Young Adults‘ and left a presence with a unique atmosphere and highly immersive acting skills. This year, she has emerged as an actor who will lead the next generation by playing an active role in the movie ‘Hostage‘ and the Netflix drama ‘Squid Game‘.

In particular, despite the short length of ‘Squid Game‘, she left a strong impression and is receiving attention from global fans as she has surpassed 7 million Instagram followers.

Attention is focused on what kind of performance she will show in her lead role in ‘Mental Coach Je Gal Gil’.

Mental Coach Je Gal Gil‘ will finish casting and filming at the end of 2021.



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