Netizens Are Shocked To Find Out That Hospital Playlist’s Jeon Mi Do Is Already Married

The love story of actress Jeon Mi Do, who decided to get married after six months after meeting her husband, is attracting attention.

In the tvN ‘Three Meals a Day: Doctors‘ broadcast on November 26th, Jeon Mi Do receive a text message from her husband after the last broadcast of ‘Hospital Playlist Season 2‘ and wept.

At that time, Jeon Mi Do checked her cell phone after the drama was over, and when she saw the text message from her husband, she burst into tears.

Kim Dae Myung, who was watching this from the side, asked what kind of text message Jeon Mi Do had received, and Jeon Mi Do said, “My husband texted me. He just said that he watched it well (the last episode), but suddenly I burst into tears.”

After the broadcast, some responded, “Is Song Hwa married?” and did not know that Jeon Mi Do was married.

Jeon Mi Do, who made her debut in the musical ‘Mr. Mouse‘ in 2006, began to attract attention as a talented rookie actress by appearing in various works such as the musical ‘Adolescence‘ and the play ‘Agnes of God’. In 2012, she played the lead role in the first major theater with the musical ‘Doctor Zhivago’.

While making a name for herself as a musical actor, she met her beloved husband and started a family.

At that time, Jeon Mi Do‘s husband did not know much about plays, and Jeon Mi Do asked to see the works in which she appeared. It is known that her husband, who saw Jeon Mi Do‘s acting, fell in love with her professional appearance.

Afterward, Jeon Mi Do said in an interview that she met her husband on a blind date in 2013 and that she married her husband, who loved both her appearance and acting, after 6 months of dating.

Then, Jeon Mi Do expressed her affection, saying, “I am grateful that my husband actively pushed me for my activities.”



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