WONHO To Conduct Follow-up Promotions With ‘Come Over Tonight’ Starting October 14 On Mnet M Countdown

WONHO begins activities for follow-up song ‘Come Over Tonight’ on October 14

Singer WONHO will meet fans once again with follow-up song activities.

On October 14, WONHO will begin activities with the follow-up song of ‘Come Over Tonight’, a song included in his second mini album ‘Blue Letter’, starting with Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’.

‘Come Over Tonight’ shows a beautiful harmony when a strong vocoder meets a sadly calm guitar. After the chorus, 808 bass, synth and guitar sounds are harmonized together, adding an emotional melody to a trendy rhythm.

WONHO’s title song ‘Blue’ and the b-side song ’24/7′ will show a performance that is different from his previous activities, so global fans are paying keen attention.

WONHO’s second mini-album ‘Blue Letter’, released on September 14 of last month, took third place on the World Wide iTunes Album Chart. In addition, on the iTunes Top 100 Album Chart, it entered the TOP 10 in 5 countries and regions around the world, receiving great love from global fans.

Expectations are high for WONHO’s unique appearance and charm, who will continue his ‘global trend’ with his ‘Come Over Tonight’ activities.

WONHO will begin activities with the follow-up song ‘Come Over Tonight’, starting with Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ on Thursday, October 14.



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