GOT7 Jinyoung Selected As Lead In Upcoming Movie ‘Christmas Carol’

GOT7’s member Jinyoung (real name Park Jin-young) has been cast as the lead in the movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ (Director Kim Seong-soo).

‘A Christmas Carol’ is a story about a twin brother who goes to a juvenile detention center on his own to avenge the death of his twin brother. It is based on the novel of the same name by Joo Won-gyu, who wrote ‘Atrocities of Extraterrestrials’ and ‘Made in Gangnam’. In the drama, Jinyoung plays the role of two brothers, split up into twin brothers ‘Joo Joo Woo’ and ‘Joo Wol Woo’. Jinyoung, who showed a serious yet attractive performance in the movie ‘Snowflake’ and the drama ‘Demon Judge’, said, “Expectation and pressure coexist before filming. As it is a work with an original work, I will work hard to express the character well.” Director Kim Seong-soo, who directed the first season of the OCN drama ‘Save Me,’ wrote the screenplay to recreate the original novel. He said, “The movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a growing up film with a revenge veil, and it is a story of children trying to escape from a world where the rules of adults are firmly ruled.”

The movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ is co-produced by director Yeon Sang-ho’s animation ‘Seoul Station’, Korea-Argentina joint films ‘Lion’s Den’ and ‘Carancho’, and Kim Ki-duk’s ‘Breath’ and ‘Empty House’. FINECUT, which is known as an overseas distributor of over-the-top films, took charge of the production.

The movie ‘A Christmas Carol’, which was also selected at the Busan Asian Project Market (APM) this year, is preparing for filming in early 2022 after establishing a main casting lineup.



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