NCT’s Mark opens up about feeling lost: “Feels like I’m in a whole other universe”

NCT‘s Mark recently opened up about something personal.

In a video titled ‘Forever Waiting For Pizza with NCT Mark‘ uploaded on May 19th on the YouTube channel ‘BDNS,’ Mark talked about his experiences.

He mentioned that he’s heard people saying, “An idol’s one year is like compressing ten years of life, so their social experiences are equivalent to that,” and he’s thought about it, feeling like it might be true.

Mark caught everyone’s attention when he admitted, “Last year, I was the second busiest idol. But time seems to just fly by for me… I think I might have a bit of a Peter Pan complex.”

Peter Pan complex, also known as Peter Pan syndrome, is a pop psychology term used to describe adults who continue to have childhood tendencies and are unable to accept adult responsibilities. It is a metaphor based on the idea of being trapped in childhood and not growing up.

He then explained, “At first, it was stressful. But now, I see it as a give and take. I’m just trying to focus on my work.”

When asked about the symptoms of the Peter Pan complex, Mark shared, “When I’m out with people my age, they seem more mature than me.”

He noted, “We live in totally different worlds, right? But strangely, they seem to handle it better than me. Sometimes, I feel like I’m only living in this fantasy-like world.”



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