TWICE’s Nayeon isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for WATERBOMB, “I don’t care how daring it is”

TWICE‘s very own Nayeon is all set to make a splash at the upcoming WATERBOMB festival, and she’s not shy about it!

On June 7, the ‘117‘ channel dropped a fresh episode of ‘Sana’s Cold Interview‘ where Nayeon was the star guest.

Sana, ever the concerned friend, voiced her worries about Nayeon‘s daring participation in the ‘2024 WATERBOMB‘ extravaganza.

“How far will you go?” she asked, adding, “I’m a bit nervous. If the agency gives the green light, I think you’ll really go for it,” hinting at her apprehension about Nayeon‘s outfit choice.

Nayeon, however, seemed not worried. “I see it as a fun summer event. Everyone keeps asking me, ‘What will you wear? Will it be alright?’ and it’s kind of pressuring,” she confessed.

But she’s determined to look her best, saying, “I want to look stunning. As long as it’s beautiful, I don’t care how daring it is.”

WATERBOMB‘ is the nation’s biggest summer bash, blending a variety of performances with epic water battles.

This year’s ‘WATERBOMB Seoul 2024‘ boasts a glittering lineup of K-pop’s finest, including Nayeon, Jay Park, Kwon Eun Bi, Zico, Chung Ha, Crush, and BIBI.

It’s going to be a wet and wild ride!



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