“Running Man” Hits Ratings High with Hwang Hee Chan’s Guest Appearance

Running Man‘ just scored a major goal with football sensation Hwang Hee Chan, pulling in impressive ratings that left fans cheering for more!

On the 9th, SBS’s beloved variety show ‘Running Man‘ clocked in a solid target audience rating of 2.6% (Nielsen Korea, Seoul metropolitan area, based on households), clinching its throne as the undisputed king of entertainment in its time slot. But wait, there’s more—the real kicker?

A peak viewership rating of 5.9% and a household rating of 4.2%, signaling a significant surge from the previous week and proving just how much viewers were hooked.

This episode was all about the ‘Hwang Hee Chan 3rd Futsal Running Cup,’ where the dynamic Wolverhampton striker himself, Hwang Hee Chan, laced up his boots for a guest appearance, sending waves of excitement through the ‘Running Man‘ squad.

Hwang Hee Chan‘s presence was long-awaited, hailed as the “top priority” futsal recruit by the members themselves.

His surprise cameo as a special mercenary from ‘FC Ttok’ had everyone buzzing, especially considering his two-game winning streak.

Sharing his thoughts, Hwang Hee Chan humbly expressed, “It’s an honor to appear on a program I’ve watched since I was young.”

But it was Song Ji Hyo‘s unexpected flirt that stole the spotlight, as she couldn’t help but quip, “He’s good-looking. My style,” sending ripples of laughter through the set. And when it came to assessing the members’ football skills, Hwang Hee Chan didn’t hold back, praising Song Ji Hyo‘s prowess and even reevaluating Kim Jong Kook‘s abilities, much to everyone’s surprise.

But the real action kicked off with the match itself. With Hwang Hee Chan leading the charge for FC Ttok, the energy was palpable as goals flew left and right.

FC Ttok’s lineup, bolstered by the additions of Oh Ha-young and Heo Kyung-hwan, showcased some serious skill.

Meanwhile, FC Kook, with Jang Hyuk, Zico, and Kang Jae-joon, weren’t backing down either.

With tensions running high and the fate of the match hanging in the balance, fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next episode to see if the ‘Hwang Hee Chan Effect’ will lead FC Ttok to victory.

Buckle up, ‘Running Man‘ fans—it’s game on!



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