Song Kang shares his hair-shaving process with fans before bidding farewell for his mandatory service

Actor Song Kang, who recently joined the military, gave fans a glimpse into his life just before enlisting, including the emotional moment he shaved his head.

On June 12th, Namoo Actors‘ YouTube channel posted a video titled “Song Kang receives a birthday gift from ‘Songpyeon’,” showing the actor’s preparations before his enlistment.

In the video, filmed before he joined the army, Song Kang celebrated with his fan club, ‘Songpyeon‘, by making a cake and a mood lamp. He also shared updates about his life and future plans.

When asked what he’s been up to at home, he said, “I’ve started studying English again. After I get discharged, I really want to live in Europe for a month. It’s my dream.

He added, “Learning about cultural differences is exciting for me, and knowing English will help me communicate better.”

This year marks the 8th anniversary of Song Kang‘s debut. Reflecting on his career, he said, “Now that it’s been 8 years, the company feels like home.”

Despite the years, his passion for acting remains strong. He admitted, “I usually lose interest in things quickly, but that never happened with acting. Acting makes me feel alive, and that’s why I keep pushing forward.”

Song Kang also wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans, expressing his feelings more accurately through writing.

In the letter, he said, “By the time you get this letter, I won’t be with you, but I’ll always be with Songpyeon in spirit. Time will pass, whether it feels short or long.” He encouraged his fans to stay healthy and promised they would reunite with happy hearts.

The video also showed Song Kang‘s head-shaving process before enlisting. Heading to the salon, he shared, “I went to the gym right after waking up and then came here. This is the second time I’m shaving my head; the first was before high school. It feels nostalgic.”

At the salon, Song Kang first cut his bangs short and looked at his reflection with despair, saying, “Oh! Do I look like this?” He tried taking a selfie but then decided against it, looking downhearted.

After the full shave, he seemed to find his new look awkward, constantly touching his head. However, he quickly showed determination, saying, “I’ll work hard and do well. Now that my head is shaved, I feel more at ease. Take care, Songpyeon,” as he bid farewell to his fans.

Song Kang officially enlisted in the Army on April 2nd.



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