Kim Myung Soo & Lee Yoo Young’s chemistry in “Dare to Love Me” slammed by viewers amid show’s low ratings

Romantic comedies are all about that special spark between the main actors. It’s what keeps us glued to the screen, even when the storyline feels familiar.

But in KBS’ “Dare to Love Me,” starring Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yoo Young, that spark seems to be missing, drawing criticism, especially about their looks not matching up.

The drama’s ratings took a nosedive right from the start, dropping to just 1% after two episodes. Even the third episode struggled to pick up, with only 1.5% viewership.

On the flip side, ENA‘s “Crash,” which debuted on the same day, saw a steady rise in ratings. Meanwhile, tvN’s “Lovely Runner” continues to hold the crown for Monday-Tuesday dramas.

During the production presentation, Kim Myung Soo talked confidently about how “Dare to Love Me” would challenge “Lovely Runner.”

He described it as a mix of modern and historical elements, promising freshness and fun. But instead of being a hit, this blend drew criticism.

The drama’s attempt to merge historical themes into a modern setting felt awkward. Despite claims of originality, it ended up feeling like just another story of someone from the past struggling in the present.

The plot itself felt like déjà vu, resembling JTBC‘s “Welcome to Samdari.” While it’s okay to borrow some tropes, a good drama needs its own identity. Unfortunately, “Dare to Love Me” fell short, lacking depth in its humor and performances.

Even the chemistry between Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yoo Young didn’t quite click. Despite a small age gap, Lee Yoo Young‘s mature appearance clashed with Kim Myung Soo‘s youthful vibe, making it hard to buy into their romance. Some viewers even compared it to watching an aunt and her nephew, rather than a couple in love.

Both actors have proven themselves in other roles, but Lee Yoo Young‘s first foray into romantic comedy didn’t showcase her talents.

With “Lovely Runner” still going strong and other dramas holding their own, it’s tough to see “Dare to Love Me” bouncing back in the ratings. KBS has faced similar struggles before with “Pure-hearted Boxer,” so the future looks uncertain for this drama.



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