Hong Seok Cheon Reveals Byeon Woo Seok Used to Visit His Restaurant: “I Encouraged Him to Act”

Entertainer and businessman Hong Seok Cheon recently shared a heartwarming story about his friendship with actor Byeon Woo Seok.

On the June 13th episode of tvN’s ‘Have a Meal,’ the show featured friends gathering for a meal in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Hong Seok Cheon revealed, “My friends always ask about my birthday a month in advance. They say they love seeing handsome men,” making everyone laugh.

When Ahn Eun-ji asked, “How did you meet Byeon Woo Seok?Hong Seok Cheon replied, Woo Seok used to come to my restaurant a lot before he was famous, back when he was a model. I told him he should definitely try acting. When he said he was too tall, I told him, ‘Actresses are getting taller too.’ And I said his face was perfect for acting.”

Kim Hee-sun then asked, “Is there really an ‘acting face’?” Hong Seok Cheon explained, “Yes, there’s a specific face for lead roles. The lead needs to keep the audience’s attention for 40 minutes out of a 60-minute drama. If not, viewers will change the channel. Hee-sun, you can keep their attention for 50 minutes. You need that much charm. Your eyes, smile, and voice need to be perfect.”

Lee Soo-geun chimed in, “Hasn’t that changed a lot these days? Even Hae-jin hyung is playing lead roles now,” and encouraged Hong to appear on the show, saying, “You should come on too if you can.”

‘Have a Meal,’ which airs every Thursday at 8:40 PM, features Kim Hee-sun, Lee Soo-geun, Ahn Eun-ji, and Younghoon of The Boyz visiting neighborhoods. They spontaneously call upon friends and celebrities living there, dine at local restaurants, and treat residents to meals in a neighborhood friend flash project.



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