“Where Did His Tattoos Go?”— Jay Park’s Latest Music Video Teaser Sparks Discussion on His Tattoo-Free Appearance

Jay Park’s ‘clean’ body has been unveiled in the release of his new single music video teaser, leading to various speculations among fans.

Jay Park revealed the music video teaser for his title track, “Your/My,” from his upcoming single ‘Jay Park Season 1’ on April 22.

The title track showcased in the video features a slow-tempo sound blended with Jay Park’s unique voice, conveying tender emotions about love.

In the teaser, Jay Park is seen singing the melody against a black backdrop, harmonizing beautifully with the song’s solemn mood.

Notably, fans noticed the absence of tattoos on Jay Park’s chest and arms.

Korean netizens discussed how Jay Park’s tattoos were removed from his body and commented, “It’s done by AI,” “I think he covered them using makeup,” “It’s CG,” “I wonder if he got them removed for good,” and more.

Meanwhile, Jay Park is set to make a comeback with his upcoming digital single ‘Jay Park Season 1’, which is scheduled to drop on April 25 KST.



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