Kep1er Set to Disband in July Following Scheduled Contract End

As per media reports on April 25, the project girl group Kep1er is set to wrap up its activities in July.

The nine-member girl group, which was formed through the Mnet survival program ‘Girls Planet 999’, made their debut with the release of their first mini album, ‘First Impact’, in January 2022.

The group’s contract, originally signed for a period of two and a half years, is due to expire in July, and this expiration period will be honored.

Kep1er plans to bid farewell to their fans with a Korean album release and a solo concert in the near future.

Earlier, it was reported that representatives of the members’ agencies had met to discuss the possibility of extending Kep1er’s contract.

However, it appears that no agreement was reached, and in line with previous Mnet project groups, the members will return to their respective labels post-July.



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