“I will leave my cherished past…” — Yujeong Shares Heartfelt Letter to Fans About Her Departure from BB GIRLS

Yujeong has opened up about her decision to leave BB GIRLS in a heartfelt letter to her fans.

On April 24, Yujeong took to social media to share a letter addressing her recent departure from BB GIRLS, which has since reformed as a trio. She wrote, “Hello, this is Yujeong. After much thought, I’ve decided to share this message. As of April, my contract with Warner Music Korea has ended, and I will no longer be part of BB GIRLS but will continue as Nam Yujeong. I want to express my gratitude and apologies to those who’ve always supported and cared for me, including FEARLESS and Bbees.”

Yujeong went on to say, “We’ve made many promises together. Although I can’t share everything, I’ve decided to conclude something I’ve been contemplating for a long time, albeit abruptly. From the beginning, I’ve been filled with fear and worry, scared of causing harm to someone. At the same time, I’m afraid of facing it alone. However, starting today, I’ll leave my cherished past behind and focus on the next step that I must value and love.”

The former BB GIRLS member concluded, “I’m grateful to Warner Music and the members who’ve stood by me. I’ll always sincerely support the future of BB GIRLS that Minyoung, Eunji, and Yuna will shape. Lastly, I’m always here. Please don’t worry. I truly, truly thank and love you all.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Yujeong and BB GIRLS.




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