ILLIT Keeps Climbing Global Charts, Unbothered by HYBE Controversy

Even in the face of criticism from Min Hee Jin, the CEO of ADOR, ILLIT continues to rise to ‘long-lasting fame’ on music charts around the globe, including Korea, the United States, and Japan.

As of April 27, on the most recent US Billboard chart, ILLIT’s debut mini-album ‘SUPER REAL ME’ and its title track “Magnetic” have landed in remarkable spots.

Magnetic” holds the 3rd and 6th positions on the ‘Global’ (excluding the US) and ‘Global 200’ charts, respectively, maintaining a robust presence for four straight weeks. This accomplishment stands out, especially considering the competitive field, which includes the return of major pop icons like Taylor Swift.

Furthermore, ‘SUPER REAL ME’ has also made a splash on the ‘World Albums’ and ‘Heatseekers Albums’ charts, securing the 5th and 10th spots, respectively, for three weeks in a row. In addition, ILLIT has been placed 28th on the ‘Emerging Artist’ list for the same period.

In Japan, ILLIT has seen unparalleled success on the Oricon chart. “Magnetic” clinched the second spot on the ‘Weekly Streaming Ranking,’ amassing 11.67 million views in a week.

This signifies the third week in a row that ILLIT has exceeded 10 million views, making them the first overseas female artist to accomplish this.

The total number of views for “Magnetic” on Oricon is at 40,622,581, the highest among foreign female artists on the ‘Weekly Streaming Ranking.’

In addition to their international feats, “Magnetic” has ruled major domestic music charts in Korea, achieving a ‘perfect all-kill’ by topping the daily charts of Melon, Bugs, Genie Music, Naver Vibe, and Flo.

Despite the controversy stirred by Min Hee Jin’s comments, ILLIT continues to charm audiences with their vibrant charisma and catchy tunes.

Magnetic”, with its theme of chasing love with magnetic allure, strongly resonates with teenage fans worldwide, further cementing ILLIT’s status as an emerging K-pop sensation.



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