“They sound better because of the AR!” — Netizens are in a heated debate over LE SSERAFIM’s second-week performance at Coachella

LE SSERAFIM‘s second-week appearance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has sparked lively discussions among netizens.

Following a series of controversies and headlines surrounding their live singing, fans eagerly analyzed every aspect of the group’s second-week stage.

Of particular interest was the incorporation of audible AR (all recorded) backing vocals during their latest performance.

Many noted a significant increase in volume and reliance on AR tracks compared to the previous week, with some observing a decrease in live vocal output from the members.

Opinions among netizens were divided. While some preferred last week’s live singing, viewing it as a showcase of the group’s true talents, others defended LE SSERAFIM‘s use of AR, citing previous criticisms for not using it during the first week.

Reactions included:

Some expressed disappointment, feeling that the group’s confidence and willingness were diminished.

Others highlighted the differences in performance depending on the use of AR, with concerns about the volume of the backing tracks.

There were contrasting views on the authenticity and naturalness of the performance, with some preferring the first week’s live vocals.

Some questioned the group’s long-term prospects if they continue to rely heavily on AR.

Others pointed out the inconsistency in fans’ reactions, criticizing them for both wanting and disliking the use of AR.

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