Loossemble’s Vivi Unintentionally Hints at Playing ‘Nico Robin’ in Netflix’s “One Piece” Season 2?

On April 21, 2024, Vivi, a member of Loona and Loossemble, unintentionally posted an Instagram story that appeared to reveal a confidential letter from Netflix staff.

The letter seemed to confirm her role as “Nico Robin” for the second season of the live-action adaptation of the renowned Japanese manga and anime ‘One Piece.’

Upon realizing her error, Vivi promptly removed the post. She later addressed the situation on a fan interaction platform, easing her followers’ concerns.

Here’s a translation of what she posted on fromm shortly after removing the Instagram story:

v: c.loo… Let’s forget about the incident… keke

v: Please, don’t repost it…

v: Guys… it’s serious…

v: I can’t believe it…

If this turns out to be true, it signifies Vivi’s debut in the acting industry, marking her first Western role and, overall, her first acting gig since ‘Woomanna.’



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