Shin Ye Eun on her ideal type: “It would be nice if he didn’t have many female friends”

Actress Shin Ye Eun recently opened up about her ideal type.

On April 11th, a video popped up on the YouTube channel ‘Sana’s Fridge Interview‘ with the intriguing title ‘My dream was to become you. Sana Kim‘.

In the video, Sana popped the question that she always does during the ‘Fridge Interview‘, “So, what’s your ideal type like?” Shin Ye Eun didn’t hold back, admitting, “I’m super choosy when it comes to my ideal type.”

When Sana probed further, Shin Ye Eun spilled, “I’d prefer someone who stays away from drinks and smokes, lives a healthy and straight life, and isn’t too stubborn or demanding.”

She went on, “I’d love a ‘homebody’ who is passionate about his dreams and has a promising future, and it would be nice if he didn’t have a lot of female friends.”

She added another point, “And he should be polite.” Sana then threw a curveball, “What if your parents oppose someone who has everything you want?”.

Shin Ye Eun responded, “I think I would have second thoughts. Parents can see things differently, so I would take their opinion into account, but I don’t think I could just say ‘okay, let’s break up'” and chuckled.

She concluded, “Anyway, I’m so choosy about my ideal type, so first of all, I have to become that kind of person.”



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