Hyeri shares that she is happy and contented

In the latest episode of ‘Hyell’s Club,’ which aired on April 5, Hyeri shared her contentment with her life and expressed gratitude for her luck and the support she receives from people around her.

During the episode, Hyeri welcomed comedian Jo Se Ho and actor Nam Chang Hee as special guests. Jo Se Ho inquired about what excites her, to which Hyeri humorously replied that she shares Nam Chang Hee‘s enthusiasm for staying home and doing nothing.

The conversation took a more introspective turn when Jo Se Ho asked Hyeri about her feelings regarding living as a public figure.

She expressed curiosity about any personal worries she may have despite her popularity. In response, Hyeri candidly shared that she feels good about her life.

Reflecting on her experience on ‘You Quiz on the Block,’ where she had to discuss personal challenges, she revealed that she didn’t find it particularly difficult because she doesn’t dwell on negative experiences.

Instead, she ended up dancing on the show, showcasing her positive outlook.

Hyeri expressed her gratitude for feeling lucky in life, noting that people seem to like her no matter what she does.

Jo Se Ho chimed in, emphasizing that luck often comes from being active and engaging with others, suggesting that Hyeri‘s positive attitude and willingness to embrace opportunities have contributed to her success.

Overall, the conversation highlighted Hyeri‘s appreciation for her life and the positive outlook she maintains despite any challenges she may face.



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