“That’s so disappointing”— Old Post about Actress Song Ha Yoon Circulates Online following Recent Bullying Rumors

The resurfaced post from 2015 alleging Song Ha Yoon‘s involvement in verbally abusing a woman caring for stray cats has added another layer to the controversy surrounding the actress.

According to the post, Song Ha Yoon and her father were accused of aggressively confronting the woman feeding stray cats, with Song Ha Yoon reportedly joining in on the verbal abuse.

The situation escalated to the point where the police were called, and Song Ha Yoon and her father allegedly hid initially but returned to continue cursing at the woman after the police left.

This revelation comes amid a series of allegations against Song Ha Yoon, including accusations of school violence dating back 20 years and reports of problematic behavior on various filming sets.

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho further investigated these claims, highlighting incidents where Song Ha Yoon allegedly demanded apologies from fellow actors after filming scenes and her frequent changes of managers and stylists during projects.

Additionally, her abrupt departure from an incentive vacation during the filming of ‘Marry My Husband’ raised eyebrows.

In response to these allegations, Song Ha Yoon‘s agency acknowledged that the actress had been forced to transfer schools in the past but denied any connection between her and the reported slapping incident.

As the controversy surrounding Song Ha Yoon continues to unfold, public scrutiny intensifies, shedding light on various aspects of her past behavior and actions.



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