“Really? Now I’m confused”— Netizens Question Hyeri’s Claims of Staying in Touch with Ryu Jun Yeol After Breakup

Netizens are expressing their confusion over Hyeri’s recent statements regarding her past relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol. There’s a lot of chatter across various online platforms, with many speculating that Ryu Jun Yeol may have started dating Han So Hee before officially ending things with Hyeri.

Hyeri’s revelation that she and Ryu Jun Yeol were still in touch “even after breakup reports surfaced in November” has left netizens scratching their heads. Adding to the confusion, Han So Hee had previously mentioned in a deleted blog comment that she learned about the breakup from an article published last June. She also wrote that she thought Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri had split “in early 2023.”

The stark disparity between Han So Hee’s comments and Hyeri’s recent claims has led netizens to question whether the two actresses ever discussed the matter directly with Ryu Jun Yeol.

Opinions in the comments section vary, with some showing support for both actresses while others lament that the situation has become too convoluted. Meanwhile, many netizens are criticizing Ryu Jun Yeol’s silence on the issue, expressing disappointment in his handling of the situation.

Comments include:

“If Hyeri hadn’t found out about the dating news between him and Han So Hee recently, then she would still be following him on Insta. Is this what you call a clean breakup?”

Ryu is to blame here, I think. It’s most probable that neither Hyeri nor Han So Hee really knew what was going on. And they reacted emotionally. But in the end I don’t think those ladies are the ones people should blame”
“I think the problem with Han So Hee was that she responded to Hyeri’s post without knowing the truth behind it exactly. But at least she apologized. I don’t think we should keep hating on her. But honestly, Ryu Jun Yeol is the worst lol he had no manners, what is this”
“I don’t know about much else but I can’t believe Hyeri spent 8 years of her life dating someone like that”
“Poor ladies…………”
“I feel so bad for those 94-line actresses”

“Hyeri and Han So Hee, I support you both”

“Omg he is the worst omg”

“What is it about Ryu Jun Yeol?? What kind of charms was he loaded with??”
“If only Han So Hee had just talked about her own stance without battling against Hyeri’s post directly….I don’t think it would have been this messy…”
“Han So Hee did nothing wrong, in my opinion. She probably thought he was really done with her.”
“I think Hyeri is an angel for having put up with all this. And I think Han So Hee also might have felt like she was getting the shorter end of the stick. I just wish both ladies find peace and happiness…..The problem is Ryu”
“I mean, we don’t know what happened, but to some people, even ‘let’s take a break’ can be taken as a downright breakup message”

“Hyeri is really angelic. I think perhaps one of her ancestors just helped her out by dodging this man”
“If two different things come out of the mouth of two different women, then there is something wrong……”

“I think Hyeri and Han So Hee both reacted emotionally and made a mistake. But not one person did more wrong than another. I don’t understand why Ryu allowed this to happen, though. Causing all this confusion”

“Han So Hee is the poor one here out of everyone y’all….she’s the one dating Ryu Jun Yeol now”

“I never thought there would be this side to Ryu Jun Yeol….”

“Who will people criticize now if Ryu Jun Yeol also makes a statement?”

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