“Breaking the Silence” — Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Opens Up About the Nose Job Speculations

Hyeri from Girl’s Day took a moment to clear the air about rumors surrounding nose jobs in the latest episode of her vlog on March 8th.

In the ongoing vlog on her YouTube channel ‘Hyeri,’ she shared her makeup routine while getting ready with fans.

She mentioned, “It’s been a while since I filmed a get ready with me video. I did one three years ago, and I believe there’s a significant difference in my makeup now.”

Hyeri then addressed the ongoing rumors about her having undergone a nose job, stating, “Whenever I post a video or photo, there’s always talk about surgery. Many comments suggest that I’ve had it done again. Just to clarify, I’ve never had a nose job, not even once. I actually enjoy it when people make those comments. It’s because my nose looks high, right?”

Feel free to check out Hyeri‘s vlog for more insights into her makeup routine!



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