“Did they separated?”— Hwang Jung Eum’s Instagram Leaves Netizens Puzzled About Marriage

Hwang Jung Eum recently sparked interest and speculation on her Instagram after posting five photos of her husband, Lee Young Don.

The posts included images of Lee Young Don holding a baby, as well as other photos from different occasions.

In the captions, Hwang Jung Eum made comments about her husband, describing him as generous and expressing sentiments about his life.

She mentioned that life must have been hard for him but now he can rest easy.

The cryptic nature of the posts led to various speculations among netizens. Some interpreted it as a cynical move, comparing the photos to public “WANTED” posters.

Others speculated that the images might be ones Hwang Jung Eum discovered in Lee Young Don‘s phone, hinting at potential issues in their relationship.

Hwang Jung Eum‘s agency, Y1 Entertainment, confirmed that the actress herself posted the photos and denied any hacking.

Additionally, on February 22, the agency addressed the divorce rumors, stating that Hwang Jung Eum filed for divorce after concluding that it was impossible to continue her marriage.

The agency requested understanding, stating that specific details about the divorce, such as the reason, would not be disclosed as they are private matters.



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