“Tbh, not fun anymore” — Zico’s apology for the ‘Dance Challenge’ trend sparks netizen reactions

Zico, a renowned figure in the K-pop industry, has expressed his apologies to fellow idols for unintentionally setting off the ‘Dance Challenge‘ trend.

In a recent episode of MBC‘s ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere‘ aired on February 17th, Zico graced the show as a guest, offering viewers a glimpse into his life as a celebrity and the head of KOZ Entertainment.

During the broadcast, Zico confessed that he has been held accountable for initiating the ‘dance challenge‘ trend.

This trend, which skyrocketed in popularity following Zico‘s ‘Any Song challenge‘, has now become an essential part of promotional strategies for new music releases in the K-pop world.

Zico remarked, “In the past, singers would rest or rehearse their performances during breaks. But now, they have to collaborate with their peers to film ‘challenge’ videos. They also need to be familiar with everyone else’s choreography. So, I feel the need to apologize.”

Netizens have shared their thoughts on this matter:

“The ‘Any Song challenge’ was enjoyable, but I’m honestly exhausted by all these dance challenges now.”

“These challenges might aid in promotion to some extent, but I’m genuinely tired of this trend.”

“We might have ended up here eventually, but it definitely hastened the process.”

“He’s right to apologize. It’s becoming too elaborate now and is more like a rivalry among idols. It’s lost its fun.”

“Yes, he should apologize properly to the idols.”

“On the bright side, it’s given idols a new reason to interact at music shows. Even if you don’t watch the videos, it’s nice to see idols socializing more freely.”

“He shouldn’t need to apologize. His challenge was original and unique at the time, unlike the forced and awkward ones every artist does these days.”

“He’s giving himself too much credit, lol.”

“I can’t take this seriously. Was it okay for him to gain popularity from it, but not okay when others do it?”

“I don’t know, but the song was really good.”

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