“Royal Intrigues and Forbidden Love”— Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung’s Regal Love Story Set to Enchant Viewers in ‘Captivating the King’

There was a press meeting for tvN’s new drama “Captivating the King” on the 16th afternoon at the Ramada Seoul Sindorim Hotel in Guro-gu, Seoul. The drama was written by Kim Sun-deok and directed by Jo Nam-guk.

Author Kim Sun-deok and artists Jo Jung Suk, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Shin Young, Park Ye Young, Jang Young Nam, and Lee Kyu Hoi all went to the event.

The over-the-top historical drama “Captivating the King” tells the sad story of a woman who becomes a spy to bring down King Lee In, who is powerful but has a weak heart.

Shin Se Kyung plays both Kang Hee-soo and her male mask, Kang Mong-woo. Jo Jung-suk plays King Lee In.

“I didn’t think of it as a fusion while writing,” said Kim Sun-deok, who wrote the drama.

It’s based on the Joseon era, and while the characters are made up, I tried to make a story with different versions of history from that time that I like.

When people watch historical dramas, they can enjoy thinking, “This episode is from this era, and that one is from another era.” It will be a big show for them.”

When Jo Jung Suk goes back to historical theater after a break, he even plays a king, which is a different kind of performance.

He said, “I believe it’s a benefit and an honor for an actor.

At the beginning of the movie “The Face Reader,” I’m dressed in rags, and it feels very right to be playing in these clothes now.

“I believe ‘Captivating the King‘ will be the work I remember the most.”

The relationship between the two players is an important part of “Captivating the King.” They have a new love in the beginning, which turns into a fatal love full of question in the second half.

Shin Se Kyung said, “There are some light and soft scenes in the beginning when Hee-soo falls in love.”

When I was making other films, I always said that scenes like that stood out.

Overall, the scenes have a bright feel to them.

Hee-soo’s emotional struggle gets worse in the middle and end parts.

Sometimes she has a different look on her face and different thoughts.

The thoughtful atmosphere on set let me focus on playing alone, which was a lot of fun.

Having fun with Jo Jung Suk was always a plus.

“It was hard to play Lee In,” Jo Jung Suk said.

But the story of love isn’t about sharing it with all my heart and soul. It’s about having doubts about each other and a dark love story.

We both put a lot of work into those parts, and I hope people like them.

The two stars talked about how well they got along in the melodrama.

Jo Jung Suk gave their relationship a “11 out of 10,” and Shin Se Kyung said, “It’s a thousand out of five hundred points.”

Writer Kim Sun-deok is known for writing heavy love stories like “The King’s Man.” He has high hopes for “Captivating the King,” which will be finished by how the actors play their parts.

“I went to the set after finishing the script, and even though I wrote it and knew the story, it was still very interesting and made me happy,” she said.

I hope that people who see it will feel the same way.

Because the actors did such a great job, I think I’m the first person to like this show, and I have high hopes.

The very end of both the first and second shows will be great.

I think people who want to see a sweet love story will enjoy them.

The first episode of “Captivating the King” will air on November 21 at 9:20 PM KST.



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