Actress Kim Joo Ryoung share her final thoughts as the drama ‘Queen of Tears’ comes to an end

Actor Kim Joo Ryoung shared her thoughts on the conclusion of the drama “Queen of Tears.”

On April 28, as the tvN weekend drama “Queen of Tears” approached its finale, Kim Joo Ryoung expressed, “I am happy that many viewers enjoyed the drama. The response from overseas viewers has also been enthusiastic.”

She added, “As a viewer myself, I laughed and cried along with each episode. On set, I was amazed by the focus and concentration displayed by the cheerful actors during their performances“.

Continuing, she said, “I, too, have been greatly influenced. I had many concerns about how to approach the character of Grace, but thanks to the effort I put into my acting, viewers were able to immerse themselves in her story. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the writer and director who allowed me to showcase a new side of myself.”

The character Grace Go, portrayed by Kim Joo Ryoung, is a once-successful link between the upper-class single mothers and the heart of Queens Department Store.

Although she once aspired to be the store’s CEO, setbacks led her to navigate the complexities between the Queens family and her own mother, raising the overall quality of the drama.

In the early episodes, Grace‘s ability to evoke both anger and sympathy from viewers was due to Kim Joo Ryoung‘s versatile acting. Her ever-changing facial expressions, charisma, and eloquence captivated audiences without losing clarity.

As the series progressed, Kim Joo Ryoung‘s rediscovery garnered praise, and her skillful portrayal kept viewers curious about Grace‘s eventual choices.

Kim Joo Ryoung concluded, “It’s hard to believe that today marks the final broadcast. What if tears flow? I believe the lingering impact will remain. Having received so much love, I will continue to strive for excellent performances in my next project. To all the viewers who loved ‘Queen of Tears,’ thank you.”



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