Netizens call NewJeans Hyein ‘the Human Y2K,’ saying she looks like an actress from the early 2000s

Netizens are amazed by Hyein‘s ability to “travel through time.”Netizens talked about the NewJeans member’s latest Vlog, which took fans back to the year 2000, on an online platform.

Netizens couldn’t help but notice how well Hyein pulls off the look and feel of the early 2000s.

They joked that this Vlog “couldn’t possibly belong to the year 2023” because it showed Hyein and her grandmother’s house, which had a clear feel of Korea in the early 2000s.

Netizens were interested in Hyein‘s real eyeglasses, which were worn out from needing them for her vision.

A few people said that the video quality was so bad that the whole thing looked like a retro throwback.

The first ad said, “It’s almost like finding a self-cam video of an actress from 2002.”A lot of responses came in:

“Our baby god, she’s the human Y2K…””She really has that eerie Y2K feel…so strange””Change the ratio to a square and turn the quality into a 480p and you have an actual 2yk video””We need a Haduri font somewhere lol””She looks like a rookie actress from the early 2000s…”

Someone on the internet made a fake Haduri picture using Hyein‘s video after reading a comment about Haduri, a Korean photo and video app from the late 1990s that let you take selfies.

Other people joined in and made changes to her video that made it look like a real self-cam video from an old Korean variety show.
“Lol……oh my god” “She really fits the part haha””Human Y2K…”
“Someone needs to cut the ratio lol””Now all she needs is to speak in a Seoul dialect haha””She is sooooooooo hip””I am jealous of the way she looks so good with eyeglasses without rims”

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