Han So Hee Attends Event After Nose Surgery, Becomes a Hot Topic

A lot of people are interested in how Han So Hee looks now that she has had surgery on her nose.

Han So Hee went to the opening party of a well-known watch company in Hong Kong, China, on December 8.

The star had surgery on her nose a week ago, and this was the first time she was seen by the press afterward.

In particular, the star told her fans that she had surgery on her nose not long ago to fix a misaligned nasal septum.

On the other hand, Han So Hee‘s beautiful body stole the show at the event on December 8.

She went for a natural makeup look that brought out her pretty features and wore a dress that hung over her shoulders.

Regular cameras caught footage of Han So Hee that showed how beautiful and bright she was. Her engaging features made her look very appealing.

A lot of people on the internet also talked about Han So Hee‘s nose. The actress said it doesn’t have any silicone or makeup in it and was just fixed up after surgery.



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