Red Velvet Wendy’s enchanting beauty takes center stage at the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Christmas Festival

Recently, Wendy looked beautiful at a holiday event.

On an online community, people were blown away by how the Red Velvet member looked and how well she dressed at the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Christmas Festival.

The event happened on December 9 at the Coex Mall’s Starfield Library.

Wendy took the stage in a stunning black-and-white two-piece and sang live versions of popular songs like “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” “When This Rain Stops,” and “My Grown Up Christmas List.”

Wendy‘s long, curly hair, which is different from her usual short cut, showed off her stunning beauty in photos taken by fans.

Some responses from netizens are:

“Oh my god, if someone hadn’t told me she was Wendy, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize her””She is a princess”
“She is so pretty…” “Reminds me of Nayeon“”A princess with that ribbon on seriously””A fairy””Omg why does she look so different here””Someone give me the info of her outfit, please””She always gives people the ‘short hair syndrome’ but now I see that she looks beautiful with long hair as well””Wendy princess””Hair, makeup, coordinator….perfect”
“Oh wow, Wendy without the classic Wendy cut…””Been a while since I’ve seen her with long hair””Reminds me of her debut days””Reminds me of Tiffany…””Whoa, the first photo doesn’t look like Wendy”
“Happy to see my bias gaining attention here lol””She looks like a character from a romance fantasy web novel”



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