Park Seo Joon reveals he lived at BTS V’s house for two months

An important event for BTS‘s V was planned for December 8 by Producer Na Yeong Seok.

Producer Na said in the most recent video on the YouTube channel “Channel Fullmoon” that V would be going to his required service before he could celebrate his birthday on December 30.

Because of this, he planned a surprise early birthday party and cooked him a warm meal himself.

To make all the dishes that are usually served at a Korean birthday party, director Na asked actor Park Seo Joon, who is related to V, for help.

Park Seo Joon is used to showing off his cooking skills on camera. For example, he was the lead chef on the TV show “Jinny’s Kitchen.”

Producer Na and Park Seo Joon got together early in the morning and started making different meals.

On their birthday, they always make seaweed soup.

They also made the traditional Japchae and tasty stewed beef.

They also made a cake from scratch and Jeon, a type of Korean pancake.

After cooking, Park Seo Joon and Producer Na carefully packed all the food they had made and left to surprise V with a birthday party at the place where he works as a film director.

When they got there, they quickly set the table with the feast they had made, eagerly waiting for V to show up.

There was a mix of excitement and nerves in the air as everyone waited for the surprise.Park Seo Joon and Producer Na started singing the “Happy Birthday Song” as soon as V walked into the room, which caught V by surprise.

V was shocked and thrilled to see that his close friend Hyung, Park Seo Joon, and Producer Na were there to celebrate his birthday with him. It was a truly special day.

Producer Na told V that he wanted to plan a special birthday party for V because he was going to be joining the army soon.

He said that he was thankful to V for many things and wanted to show his thanks in a useful way.As V began to eat the food that Park Seo Joon and Producer Na had made, they took turns telling V personal stories that showed how much they loved and appreciated her.

Park Seo Joon said that he had to fix up his house one time, and it took him 4 months to finish.

“The house I’m living in now, I had to fix up for four months,” Park Seo Joon said.

I planned the renovations so that they could be done while I was shooting abroad.

But the shooting was over early.

I had nowhere to go when I got back.
“But Taehyung (V) lives five minutes from my house,” he said.

I asked him, “Taehyung, can I stay with you for a while?” Taehyung also had an extra room at his house.

I told him, “I believe that room is mine.”

May I stay? “Taehyung said yes right away.”

He said, “I wasn’t there all the time because I had other things to film.” Park Seo Joon said he stayed at V‘s house for two months.

There were also times when his parents were the only ones home.

They would say, “Oh, you’re home,” to greet me, and I would eat with them.

“Where is Taehyung?”

“Your parents know Park Seo Joon?” asked producer Na. V said, “Yes, they did meet him a few times.”

His parents are also friendly with my parents.

We put them in touch with each other.



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