Song Kang Talks About Enlisting During ‘Sweet Home 3’ Release, “I May Feel Lonely But I Don’t Regret It”

Actor Song Kang shared his thoughts on his upcoming military service plan.

Netflix’s original series “Sweet Home 2” depicts a world where humans with desires become monsters centering on Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang), a Green Home survivor and a special infectious case who can go back and forth between monster and human forms, and his struggles when facing new beings and mysterious phenomena in a new place.

While talking about his future plan in an interview after the release of “Sweet Home 2”, Song Kang mentioned his military service, saying “I’m not upset about the timing of the enlistment. It was also my choice to not enlist in the past years. My life motto is not to regret my own choices. It’s my decision so I don’t regret it at all. I did my best in every moment so there is nothing to regret.”

When asked about the character he wants to challenge after getting discharged from the military, the actor shared, “I want to play a simple villain. I also think the role of a soldier would be very interesting”.

Regarding his feelings about not being able to participate in the promotion of “Sweet Home Season 3” because of his military service, Song Kang confessed, “I think I’ll be very sad. It’s too bad that I can’t be there with the team although I also worked hard on the drama with them. However, I hope Season 3 comes out well and there will be many changes. I may feel lonely but I’m satisfied to see the results.”



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