“Wait, wearing a $100,000 dress?” — Ahn Eun Jin faces minor wardrobe issue at ‘Blue Dragon Film Awards’ red carpet

Actress Ahn Eun Jin encountered a small wardrobe hiccup while walking the red carpet at the ‘44th Blue Dragon Film Awards‘ on November 24 KST.

Despite the minor glitch, the red carpet hosts promptly stepped in to help Ahn Eun Jin, showcasing their professionalism.

Ahn Eun Jin graced the red carpet in a 100 million KRW silver dress. Following the usual routine, she posed for the press, holding various poses for about a minute.

Although her dress slipped down a bit, exposing some undergarments, the quick-thinking MCs calmly informed her of the issue. Using cue cards, they shielded Ahn Eun Jin, giving her a moment to fix her dress.

Netizens shared their thoughts:

“Glad the MCs caught it early.”

“She’s so pretty.”

“True gal pal material – dependable.”

“Good job spotting it before it became a bigger deal. In other places, they might have let it happen for a story.”

“A $100,000 dress? Wow, Korean red carpet dresses are pricey. It’s pretty though.”

“Appreciate people letting her fix it privately.”

“She noticed it first, and they gave her privacy with cue cards.”

“The dress doesn’t seem like good quality, especially the lower part.”

In other news, Ahn Eun Jin vied for the ‘Best Rookie Actress‘ award at the ’44th Blue Dragon Awards,’ but the honor went to Go Min Si for ‘Smugglers.’



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