“37kg is too dangerous” — Park Min Young stuns fans with drastic weight loss for new drama ‘Marry My Husband’

Actress Park Min Young has left netizens amazed with her incredible transformation for the upcoming TV series ‘Marry My Husband.’

The show, based on a webtoon, depicts the story of Kang Ji Won, played by Park Min Young, whose troubled marriage takes a turn for the worse after a cancer diagnosis. She gets the chance to change her life by going back in time 10 years.

On November 22, tvN released teaser images showcasing Park Min Young as Kang Ji Won. Fans are now buzzing about her commitment to the role, noting her significantly paler and thinner appearance.

Reportedly, the actress slimmed down to 37kg (81lbs 9oz) to portray her character convincingly. The drama is scheduled to premiere on January 1, 2024.

Netizens’ comments include concerns about the potential health risks of such a drastic weight loss:

“37kg is too dangerous.”

“She looks really sick; it’s risky for her health. A little makeup could have sufficed for her sick character on the show.”

“I hope she gains her weight back soon. This is too risky for an adult to weigh 37kg.”

“Dangerous for her health. Was it necessary for the TV series to take such risks? I hope she returns to her old self.”

“I’ve never seen a cancer patient with skin so perfect.”

“She already looked too skinny in ‘Love in Contract’; there’s not much change.”

“I’m surprised she is this dedicated. They could have used makeup, clothes, lighting, and staging to create the appearance of sickness.”

“Dangerous for her health. Somebody should have stopped her.”

“Outer appearance is crucial in acting.”

“Let’s focus on acting and skip the ‘method’ part.”

“Is there a healthy way to drop to 37kg? It seems too dangerous, even with professional assistance.”

“I hope she gains it back, but I appreciate her dedication as an actress. I hope the show turns out well.”

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