“I blame the 1 PM release time” — IVE’s new song “Off The Record” faces chart struggles, leaving fans surprised

Netizens are buzzing about IVE‘s latest music chart performance.

On an online forum, fans talked about IVE‘s new song “Off The Record,” which is part of their first full-length album, ‘I’ve MINE.’

Fans were surprised when the song didn’t initially make it into Melon‘s Top 100 chart upon its release on October 6. However, it did manage to climb to #92 around 8 AM PST the next day, leaving fans puzzled.

The song also gained about 69,000 listeners on the streaming platform, which was lower than expected for a 4th-generation girl group’s title track.

Some fans blamed the song’s release time, saying that launching it at 1 PM on a Friday led to fewer streams. Many are now eagerly awaiting IVE‘s next title song, “Baddie,” hoping it will make a bigger impact.

Critics are also questioning the song’s quality, with some saying it feels more like a pre-release track than a title song. Others agree, saying it doesn’t match the musical style the public expects from IVE.

The song’s lackluster performance on the international stage also disappoints some people. Despite targeting international listeners, “Off The Record” failed to make an impact on the Spotify Global chart.

As of now, “Off The Record” is at #61 on Melon’s Top 100 chart, alongside IVE‘s previous hits and their new song “Either Way.” Netizens have varying opinions about the situation.

Fans’ Reactions:

“Releasing it at 1 PM on a Friday? That’s not a good move.”

“Why is it performing poorly on international charts too?”

“IVE’s comeback seems less hyped this time.”

“Maybe the upcoming song is the real title track?”

“It’s surprising to see them struggle like this.”

“Are they already losing their popularity?”

“This is worrisome.”

“I expected this to happen.”

“Releasing it at 1 PM probably hurt its performance.”

“Once they perform on music shows, things might pick up.”

“I’m shocked, they were doing so well before.”

“I didn’t even know the song was out.”

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