“Another hit, OMG!” — BTS Jungkook and The Kid LAROI’s Instagram photo sparks collab hopes

Excitement soared as The Kid LAROI recently shared a Polaroid picture with BTS Jungkook on his Instagram.

This snapshot, posted on October 8, captured both artists casually wearing cozy sweatshirts, exuding a friendly vibe.

The Kid LAROI‘s caption, “Me & JK #toomuch,” has fans buzzing with curiosity about a potential collaboration.

The duo’s rumored song, “Too Much,” has fans even more eager now.

Netizens chimed in:

“Jungkook looks so cute sitting there, LOL.”

“I heard Jungkook is getting lots of collaboration offers lately. I can’t wait for this! Can’t believe The Kid LAROI is born in 2003!”

“I’ll scream if the JK x Kid Laroi x Central Cee rumor is true.”

“It’s Jungkook’s year in 2023!”

“Is that a Polaroid pic? He looks so handsome.”

“Can’t believe the collab artists are younger than our GGuk. BTS and ARMY growing together!”

“Another hit, OMG!”

“Excited to hear what this song will sound like. It’s bound to be interesting.”

“The Kid LAROI is so last year, but I’m still excited!”

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