“Their lips to jawline are really similar!” Some Netizens think that these two girlgroup members resemble each other

How do you feel?

(G)I-DLE‘s Jeon Soyeon‘s new style has been getting a lot of attention lately. Compared to when she first started out, the singer’s makeup and hairstyle are now lighter.

Fans thought she looked especially beautiful in this picture.

Putting a bow in her hair made her look sweet and cute.

People on the Internet said that her new look made them think of Karina from the girl group aespa.

Netizens noticed that not only did they have similar looks, but their faces were also similar.

Both of their faces are small, with small chins and big eyes.

I think it’s because they both have small faces.
Both of them are pretty.
Wow, I didn’t think so just by looking at their eyes, but when I cover their lips, I can feel it. When you look at all of the pictures together and do a double take.
Wow, when I cover their lips, I can really see it. At first, I thought that their bottom faces looked alike. So interesting.
Their eyes look alike.
Please stop calling people “lookalikes.” Fans of both teams aren’t happy.
Wow, I thought they had similar vibes, but I think it’s because both of their faces look like quail eggs.

Even if they don’t look alike, they’re both still beautiful!



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