“Bow down to the queen!” IVE’s Ahn Yujin draws interest with her sophisticated appearance at Milan Fashion Week

She’s the big attraction!

As Milan Fashion Week gets going, we can expect to see a lot of stars at different fashion shows. An Yujin of IVE recently caught people’s attention at the Fendi fashion show with her beautiful looks.

Yujin was seen at Incheon Airport a few days before her event with a brand-new haircut, which got a lot of attention.

Even though people had different opinions about the hime cut itself, most of them thought she looked beautiful with it.

Fans were excited to see how she would look, and they were not let down by what they saw.

Yujin wore a grey slip dress with a slit in the back and hair extensions that made her hair look like a mullet.

The brand makes the wool slip dress she wore, which costs $2250 USD.Yujin was the big event at the show.

She was photographed with actress Cara Delevingne and sat next to Fendi’s CEO Serge Brunschwig.

Yujin wore a jacket while watching the show and when she left. This showed why so many fans have called her “handsome” in the past.

Fans loved the way she looked and liked how she styled herself.



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